Free Training "Concepts of Body Worn Video"

June 29, 2018 "Holiday Inn Hilliard" in Columbus, Ohio

We  will be providing a FREE training session on Basic Concepts of Body Worn Video on June 29, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Hilliard  5495 Maxwell Place Columbus, OH from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. To register for this free training please submit name and organization to  Seats are limited!

Development of Policy

Agencies policies and procedures are critical in the success of a Body Worn Camera Program. Participants will learn of the various factors that should be considered when developing a comprehensive policy.

Conduct on Camera

Many times officers find themselves the target of various groups engaged in cop baiting and the subject of social media attacks.  This training will assist the officer in understanding the critical nature of various conduct displayed on video both internal and external.

Factors Affecting Critical Incidents Analysis

There are various factors that officers and supervisors must take into account when viewing video footage of an officer's involvement in a critical incident.  Participants will gain an understanding of factors that may not be known by the agency or the public.

Grant Writing and Development

This training will assist the participant in gaining the knowledge needed to write a successful funding proposal for Body Worn Cameras and other equipment.

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Captain Kevin Marsee may be reached at 305-707-4430 or email